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I'm sorry for any misunderstandings or inconveniences about the credit card cancellation policy. To clarify, you'll be charged half the cost of your service only if you do not give 24 hours notice that you can't make it. If your stylist doesn't provide 24 hours notice, then your next service with that same stylist is half off. It's common practice in the industry, as stylists make their living and plan their schedule based on their appointments. We don't take appointments online. If you'd like to book an appointment we're always happy to see you stop by or call the salon. Judy loves to hear from you, so don't be shy, drop a line! — Thank you. Judy



  • Best Haircut 2009, Boston Phoenix Reader's PickJudy Jetson: teenage member of the cartoon Jetson family. Lover of boys, shopping, and endless phone conversations. Wears her white hair swept up in a Snork-like, gravity-resistant ponytail. Exudes 1960s-mod style, yet is simultaneously space-age futuristic. JUDY JETSON INC.: once again, Phoenix readers’ pick for best haircut. Lovably kitschy salon in Porter Square. Also 1960s-mod (see: customer demand for tiny bangs) yet space-age futuristic (see: the stylists’ collective rainbow of bold hair colors), with the occasional gravity-resistant hairstyle (see: happily Mohawked patrons leaving the shop). We can’t be sure how the Jetson stylists feel about boys, shopping, and endless phone conversations, but we do know that if you’ve got a vision of Your Fantastic New Haircut — be it adventurous and imaginative or classic and chic — they’ll probably know how to execute it.
  • Best Haircut 2008, Boston Phoenix Reader's Pick Futuristic hairdos are the norm at JUDY JETSON. These people aren’t afraid of color, razors, bangs, mullets; anything that you may cringe at the thought of, the stylists here can make look good. It’s a good idea to head in for a consultation before you do anything drastic, to learn about styling and maintenance, and the Judy Jetson crew will guide you through what will work best on and be the easiest for you.
  • Reader’s Choice Award #1 Hair Salon in Cambridge: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2010… (and counting)
  • Best Place to Get a Haircut
    Boston Phoenix
  • Best Hair stylist 2005 & 2006
    Boston Weekly Dig
  • As seen on WCVB’s Chronicle
  • “Judy Jetson is a pro.”
    Boston Globe
  • Hair stylist for the B-52’s at the 1991 KISS 108 Concert
  • “Judy Jetson is every woman’s dream.”
    Boston Sunday Globe
  • As seen on XY TV
  • Trained at Vidal Sassoon Los Angeles and the London Academy
  • Established 1986

Judy Jetson Salon is featured in The Crave Guide for Boston.

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